Age of Angels


The Age of Angels Is Here

We have seen them on Television shows and in the movies. Some times they are depicted as wholesome, even naïve divine beings that just either want to have fun or save the world from an impending threat. In other media they are sometimes depicted as cold, bent on the destruction of mankind because of gods love for us. It is sometimes hard for people to decide which depiction is right however since most of us have never met an angel before (or wouldn’t even know it if we had). Whichever category you find yourself in you cannot deny just how important angels are and how they affect our day-to-day lives.

Angels are usually depicted, as having huge white wings on their backs and are usually dressed in all white with a halo on the top of their heads. In the bible they are essentially messengers of god and their major purpose is to do gods work. In many instances in the bible angels appears before humans in order to give them a message or speak to them in their dreams to show them glimpses of the future. There are actually many different kinds of angels each having their own unique talents and abilities. The most popular ones are archangels followed by principalities, seraphim’s, powers, dominions, and cherubim’s.

No matter what class of angel they are they were all created to fulfill gods will and purpose. Many people in biblical texts have seen angels, which leads me to assume that they can be seen when they choose to be. It is said that everyone has a guardian angel that has been assigned to him or her by god to protect him or her from harm and help him or her stay on a righteous path. I know that angels have definitely played a significant in my life and I hope they have played an important part in yours.

Age of Angels

Safety of Guardian Angels

7598803_f248How Angels saved my life

Hi, this is my first hub so bear with me please.

I was guided to tell my story about Angels. It is quite a remarkable story. I will do my best to write the story with as much detail as I can so that one can envision the story through their own eyes.

I do need to add all the details for the vivid picture to be displayed in your visions.

This story is a true story and involves the Angels and it was a way to actually bring me even closer to angelic realm. However being that I always believed in God and the heavens, I realized that this accident was meant to happen. I know God has chosen me to be a light worker with many clear messages.

I believe in the unknown and do not fear it at all, as a matter of fact I think the known is what we should fear the most. Most people fear the unknown because they do not know what they are up against. So they tend to challenge, only to realize the challenge was met with unexplained answers. These answers we do not want to admit at times for fear others will think we are crazy. However being in tune with the spirit world makes us quite unique.

The picture I posted below is one of my own quotes as I love to write poems and quotes based on the world as I see it.

Now I will start my story. Have to think where to start, the beginning is always a little difficult to write, its the part that the readers decide whether they are interested in the story or not.So give me a moment here while I think (lol)

I was working nights at this point in time and this one night I was asked to work overtime so I did. However my story starts a week before my accident so I will start from there, as it is the icing to the cake sort of speak.

At the time (2000) the friend I was hanging with had a intrepid vehicle. One day we decided to go for a ride and on her visor she has a blessed Guardian Angel that was pinned to the visor and pinned there for good. Let me put it this way , under no circumstances could that Angel fall unless one unpinned it.

Well when I sat in the passengers seat, after about 5 minutes or so the Angel fell on my lap, right away I looked at my friend (who I will call Jane) and I was astonished and so was she.

Not really putting to much thought into it at the time, we carried on. Then when we went out again, the Angel once again fell on my lap. At this point we both knew she was trying to tell me something. Now when she pinned the Angel back it was done properly, as a matter of fact she pinned it a little more carefully and tighter just in case it was loose. (although I knew it wasnt)

Knowing a message was being relayed here, I started going a bit crazy and trying to ask for answers and help with no luck or so I thought.

A few days later, once again she fell on my lap, this happened for a week straight. There were others in her car including her daughter and the Angel never fell on another passenger.

Oh I must also mention, the night of my accident she had left for a trip to Australia and left me her car to keep in my garage. I did have my own car, mine was a Grand Marque and much wider and bigger. I do have to mention this as it is part of my miraculous story.

So that faithful night after she left, work called and away I went, the shift went well and both my friend and I (another friend) worked overtime. After the shift I drove my friend home and headed to my place which was about 35 minute drive from work at the time of this story. (My friend was suppose to come up to my place for the night but at last minute she changed her mind, it was a good thing she may not be here today) God works in miraculous ways.

Well as I started driving home, it started to get pretty foggy and misty. I was having trouble seeing 5 feet in front of me. So I took my time and drove slow. (weather brought on by our creator for sure so I would drive slow, if I had been going the speed limit I would have been killed) Anyway from out of nowhere there was 2 moose in front of me, so huge and tall (first time I seen them up close, and when I say close I mean close) they were like so close I could touch them and because of the fog I did not see them until the last minute. They were standing butt to butt. (another miracle)

I also have to mention that this night that I agreed to work overtime, I had to use my friends car as mine would not start, (now I know why) her car (the intrepid) mine (grand marque which is wider and bigger)

I panicked and could see my life flash in front of me, I said a quick prayer I think I asked God to take the wheel. I gave the car gas, had like 2 seconds to make a life decision, it was either try to stop and risk the moose falling somehow on my car. (although another miracle, standing butt to butt, made it impossible for them to roll onto my car) I am guessing they took off back into the wilderness. So I gave it gas, (there was very little space between them, had I took my wide car I would have never made it without being seriously injured or risking the moose to fall unto my car. I might of even been gone, but that was not Gods plan for me) reason for mentioning the make of my car.

Anyway I floored it and went right through. I went in shock , do not remember going home or stopping at lights or seeing anyone or another car around. However I did not want to stop as the road I was on was mostly swamp on the sides of some parts, and there were no street lights in most parts of the road. Feared also if I stopped the car would not start again.

All I remember is a big bang and all of a sudden the windows of car were crashing all around me, I could feel the car on a slant as I headed the rest of the way home, and smell gas, this at the time was the only thing I remember, as I was driving home. It is when I arrived home in my garage that the rest came back to me.

Any way like I said I to this day I know I did not touch that steering wheel to drive home. I was in shock, so God send his Angels to lead me home.or took the wheel as asked of him.

Upon arriving home, when I got out of the car (it was about 3 am at this point) the car was lopsided, the mirrors were broken, the gas was leaking, the side was dented in and everything in the front of the inside of the car had moved to the back including the cigarette lighter, books that were on the floor, cups, whatever she had in the front of her seat.

There was broken glass all over the seats.. There was blood on the outside mirrors so i hit them hard. I had no choice.

Now miraculously there was no glass shattered on the drivers side I had not but a scratch and this is the great part, the miracle. for the impact I took, the only thing that stayed in place and did not even move one tiny bit was the guardian Angel pinned to the visor. Isn’t that something, especially when she kept falling onto my lap for a week prior. Not to mention no impact that week.

I could not believe my eyes , the car was totaled well at least on one side. I called my friend that I drove home right away. (my bf at the time and my son were both gone for the night, so I was alone) she could not believe it, if she had been in that drivers seat she would of lost her life, I am almost sure. Had I taken my car I would of never made it through the 2 moose. So this was all Gods plan.

So I called the cops, when he arrived he could not believe the state of the car and asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. He did say to me I was one lucky lady to survive that. He also said to me that most do not survive hitting one moose let alone two.

He was so surprised that I had no cuts or scratches from the windows popping out, the cop himself called it a miracle.

He was also astonished that not one piece of glass touched the drivers side. I told him God and the Angels saved my life. He had nothing to say except that I was very lucky. I think he was one of those that thought I was nuts. Ah well what do they know, they cant even do their job right at times.

I did mention to the cop that my friend was in Australia and I had to email her, he basically told me , a car can be replaced a life cant so not to worry about my friends reaction. A good friend will only care about you. He did ask me why I did not take my car and I told him I was going to however it didn’t start that night, a sign from above.

So the next day I had to email my friend and let her know, that is another story on its own.

So in a nutshell yes the Angels saved and guided my life that faithful night and I would not want anyone to go through that . It was scary, especially out on the road by myself with no one around not even a car. I did have a cell phone however I left it at home, not meaning to just forgot. I believe I was suppose to leave it at home for reasons I now understand. So If I did not thank the heavens above enough for that night I thank them again.

I am living proof that Angels exist among us and will guide us to safety and through our path with Gods help, that is if we live in the will of God. We do have free will, however if needed they will not only intervene but be your eyes, ears, hands and feet if we allow the heavens to do just that.

For this and many other reasons I have a very close relationship with God/angelic world.

God bless


A Discourse on Angels

elders or thronesOne definition of angel is a “pure spirit created by God.” Theologians state that this terminology applies to specific spiritual beings used by God as the “ministers of His will”. It comes from the Greek word “ANGELOS” which means “messenger”. On the other hand, the Hebrew word for is MALAK. Although the word always applies to heavenly beings, it is also associated with human messengers.

Do angels really exist? Where can you see or find them? These are just some of the questions that people always ask. The Holy Scriptures do not specify the exact that these heavenly spirits were created, their lives are assumed to have begun during the earliest times. Jesus Christ often spoke of angels and in the New Testament there are many of them. In fact, seven orders of said mystical spirits have been identified. These are the Angels, Powers, Principalities, Dominions, Thrones and Archangels. The Old Testament mentions two others which are Seraphim and Cherubim. It has been said that God has bequeath upon angels great intelligence, freedom, and power.

The verses in the New Testament are signs of the lead role assigned to them. Both the New Testament and Old Testament talk about fallen angels. The Temptation of Adam and Eve take as fact the existence of bad angels or demons thrown into hell from where they have no chance of deliverance. These divine beings are members of the heavenly court. According to the Bible, they embark on a lot of missions on the orders of God. They can at times assume bodily form for the sake of carrying out these missions. The Bible also says that their missions are always very crucial to the redemption of men.

Angels are also said to be the “objects of God’s favor and love”. However, unlike ordinary human beings are non-bodily spirits. Their response to God’s love did not require time and reflection to grow and mature. They are given the opportunity to respond to God’s love. They are welcomed into paradise as soon as they were made and received the grace of the Lord. The truth is that the most important activity of good angels is to be the mediators of God’s particular divine intervention for mankind. Hence, the Roman Catholic Church teaches the congregation that everyone has a guardian angel. These are said to be spiritual beings who have been assigned by God to give spiritual assistance to people here on earth in different ways.

Angels – Divine Messengers of God

annunciation-fra-angelicoThe angel is said to be a pure spirit created by God. The Old Testament fostered the belief in angels. One definition states: “the name applied to certain spiritual beings or intelligences of heavenly residence, employed by God as the ministers of His will.” An angel embodies perfect virtues, attributes and power given by the creator. The scriptures state that there are 72 of these divine beings and 10 Archangels. The factual source originates from the “Traditional Study of Angels – Angelology and is dated from the epoch of Moses. In the Ancient texts of our common Judeo-Christian heritage, the Angels are the 72 Facets of the Creator.”

The angel is described as uncorrupted power.

The Holy Bible talks about the creation of angels as stated in the Colossians 1:16-17:

“For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created by Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.”

How do angels look like?

With the likely exception of one arguable passage in the Bible’s Old Testament, angels are always presented as males instead of females.

There are times that an angel looks like a man with extraordinary physical features. Read this specific excerpt from the Bible: “Daniel saw an angel with arms and legs resembling polished metal and precious stones, and a face like lightning (Daniel 10:5-6). The angel that rolled back the stone from Christ’s tomb was radiating dazzling light (Matthew 28:3; Luke 24:4). The book of Revelation describes some highly unusual beings that may be a variety of angel in Revelation 4:6-8.”

Angels in the Bible never look like endearing and plump babies. These mystical beings are features as full-grown adults. When people in the Bible came to see an angel, their usual reaction was to cower in fear and be terrified a lot. “Some Bible passages picture angels with wings (Isaiah 6:2,6). Other verses talk about angels flying, and we assume that the wings would be useful for that flight (Daniel 9:21). However, I suspect that angels can move around without having to depend on wings. Most references to angels in the Bible say nothing about wings, and in passages like Genesis 18-19, it is certain that no wings were visible.”

Now, it is up to mankind on how to interpret the appearance of angels based on all these readings and articles.

Working with Angels

working with angelsIf you believe in angels, then it will be possible to work with them. A lot of people (especially Christians) accept these spirits from heaven as true. However, there are different interpretations and concepts about them. Angels are not in this world but can come down to earth to protect you from evil and harm. These mystical creatures existed only in the past. Others say, you will only see them if you go to heaven. Still, others believe that God has an army of these archangels to fight with the demons of Satan. Even kids have many ideas about cherubim and seraphim. It is up to you to believe these or not.

Believers say that guardian angels are for real and can be your protectors every single minute of the day. You may not be aware of their presence but these spirits hover about not to interfere in your life other than to shelter you from harm. Nonetheless, they wait for you to implore their assistance. Angels epitomize love. These serve as heralds, guides, protectors, supporters, givers of presents, miracle-workers, and instructors. They will cheerfully come instantaneously to your side to offer any kind of help.

How is it like to work with angels?

It is definitely not difficult. It is just like working with other people. The basic difference is these creatures are 100% on your side even if you cannot see them. Yet, you always feel their presence nearby.

In her article (Angels at Work in your Life), Carolyn Porter wrote “I have called upon writing angels when I’ve been instructed to write an article or book, and amazing things come into my brain, sometimes words I’ve never used before. They have comforted me when something upsets me and have given me signs when I asked for them. It might be a feather strategically placed nearby or an appearance of a coin on the floor in front of me. (They apparently like to use those signs) I might notice that a candle flame is flickering but there is no wind or moving air. Lights may flicker, something may brush against you or you may suddenly feel warmth around you or see light from an unexplained source.” If you read carefully and analyze the thoughts of Ms. Porter, you will be encouraged to be a believer in angels. Perhaps, when you see that angels will come in times of need, you will be one of their staunch believers.

Religious Theories about Angels

hierarcy of angelsIn the Bible’s Old Testament, the angel is described as a spiritual entity that serves God. These divine creatures play a major role in the Jewish belief although the exact definition of the term has frequently been subjected to a host of varied interpretations. Several saintly creatures inferior to God have come out in the Hebrew Bible and the concept of messenger is only one of the many varieties. In fact, there are other angel characters with special and extraordinary names:

  •        Irinim (Watchers)
  •        Cherubim (Mighty Ones)
  •        Sarim (Princes)
  •        Seraphim (Fiery Ones)
  •        Chayyot ([Holy Creatures)
  •        Ofanim (Wheels)
  •        Tzeva, (Host)
  •        B’nei ha-Elohim or B’nai Elim (Sons of God)
  •        Kedoshim (Holy Ones)

Biblical angels are said to perform multiple functions which include relaying information to mortals as well as protecting and rescuing the Israelites and slashing the enemies of the chosen people. The Book of Daniel reveals information about angels that will later be explained in post-Biblical scriptures. The truth is that all nations of the Christian world have their own angelic prince.

Angels have been arranged hierarchically. These creatures have enclosed realms of authority.

Meanwhile, Jewish sources (Greco-Roman period) have expanded on the customs of angels found in Hebrew Scriptures. We especially see the first systematic organization of Biblical hosts of heaven into a hierarchy of different castes of angels governing and serving on different levels of heaven. At the same time, you can perceive the increased awareness about the fellow feeling between earthly beings and angels. It is widely believed that a philosophical doctrine of opposing principles regarding good and evil was found in the early biblical writings. This was later amplified and referred to these mystic creatures being split into opposing camps that represented light and darkness.

After reading these stories about angels, the question is: Do these supernatural beings really exist? Again, the Holy Bible asserts that they do in fact exist! These seraphim and cherubim are talked about in 34 of the 66 books of the Bible. These creatures are strong and pure while others are like innocent babies. In fact, in Matthew – Chapter 28:4, the soldiers who guarded the tomb of Jesus Christ were very terrified and cowered in fear when an angel descended and declared that the Son of God has risen from the dead. Do these servants of God provide protection and guidance? The Bible says yes and Christians believe this declaration.

Concept of Guardian Angels

guardian angelA popular definition of guardian angel goes this way. This type of angel is a heavenly being designated by God to protect and guide people. As the term denotes, guardians protect their wards from danger and watch over them throughout their existence.

Kids are taught in religion classes that this cherub or seraph has been with them since birth and will stay as their defenders against evil until death. The guardian angel will go where you are and watch while doing your daily activities. It has been said many times that this servant of God can bring everyone consolation amid troubled times and kindle a flicker of hope when despair comes knocking at your doors.

In theology, angels are defined as mystical beings that assist ordinary people as guardians, guides and healers. Guardian angels are the ones that help you in times of need.

These divine creatures can respond to the pleas and heartfelt prayers that come from the profundity of one’s soul. People in need invoke God’s help through these celestial spirits.

Cherubim and Seraphim are always linked to human beings. The guardian angel renders service to a particular human as the angel voluntarily provides guidance to that person. A lifelong bond is developed between the keeper and the individual being guarded.

Guardian Angels are said to go through perpetual spiritual development and formation to have the capability to mold the human soul properly. Nonetheless, this is not an easy responsibility because all people are often distracted and tempted to commit bad things. Their guardians have to remain patient at all times to make sure that the wayward souls are steered to the right track once again. You will be thankful to the Lord that your guardian angel is always at your side to offer all forms of direction and protection.

Basic Explanation about Angels

angels in heavenThe Hebrew term for angels is malakh (plural form –malakhim) which refers to messenger. Angels are frequently described as messengers or servants who do tasks for God. Most people think of these mystic beings as mediators between the Supreme Creator and mankind. For children, an angel is a beautiful woman, handsome man or innocent-looking children who sing in heavenly choirs. God’s messengers are the nemesis of Satan and his devils.

These cherubim or seraphim are just souls or spirits who never lived physical lives and serve as sentinels for God the Father. They only seek to carry out the orders of God and vary in physical form. The cherub can be male or female but only in the minds of humans. In short, the angel serves as bond between mankind and the Creator of men. For Roman Catholics, these mystical guardians are different in many aspects. The common denominator among Christians, Muslims and other primary religions is that these intermediaries from heaven are more of good spirits that fight the bad spirits which are the devils.

Angels wear immaculate white robes with wings and sometimes, halos on the head and surrounded by a radiant illumination. According to the Holy Bible, angels are not glorified beings. They do not produce offspring or marry like ordinary people. The Old Testament even says that when you go to Heaven, you will be met by a multitude of these good spirits and escorted before God’s throne. This is what Dr. Paul Eymann of has to say about these creatures:

“Angels are essentially “ministering spirits,” (Hebrews 1:14) and do not have physical bodies like humans. Jesus declared that “a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have” (Luke 24:37-39). The Bible does, however, make it clear that angels can only be in one place at a time. They must have some localized presence.”